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6 weeks without Cheese

Remember when Cheese tweeted about how, given his upbringing, that he is proud that he doesn’t use the “n word”? Like this is something for which someone should give him a pat on the back? 

More proof that Cheese’s entire facade is nothing more than diluted “social justice” ideas he got from that shitsack David Wong. 


Because I won’t/can’t figure out how to reply to a comment, I will respond to a comment on my previous post here. The comment is as follows:

@clumsybat said: Could this even be called pandering? It’s insulting homophobic.

You are absolutely correct. Everything in my post shows Cheese’s true colors, which are those of a homophobe. The pandering part would be on his twitter account (before it got deleted) where he would post about how he doesn’t understand how people could be against gay rights, etc.

I was just pointing out that not only is he a homophobic sack of shit, he is also a hypocritical lying sack of shit.

I apologize for any confusion.

John Cheese’s Pro-Gay Rights Stance is Really Hollow Pandering

Cheese has posted several tweets of a pro-gay rights bent, as if him realizing what lots of people have already realized is somehow profound. It’s not the content that is objectionable, but the trite, self-congratulatory nature of it that made it so terrible. 

Sadly, John Cheese has deleted his twitter account. Wait, not sadly. Actually I’m kind of glad about it. But, the quotes below, even standing alone, show that beneath John Cheese’s thin veneer of “common sense liberal” is a homophobe yearning to burst free.

This is John Cheese speaking. As you can see Dave asked me to sit in while he’s off having gay sex on the down low.” - John Cheese

Because black guys have huge dongs. That’s what Dave tells me. And I believe him because he’s somewhat of an expert on dudejunk. I’m calling David gay.” - John Cheese

And if you already own our album or for some reason you don’t like our music because you’re a huge gayhole, I can still burn you other CDs.” - John Cheese

You can find the article in question here:

Oh, in case you had any doubt, the lyrics to John Cheese’s completely hilarious-and-not-at-all-homophobic song, “Gay Superman”:


Looks like John Cheese is, once again, proven to be a fraud. 

That piece of shit Wong sure sounds defensive here. The laughable idea that writing a weekly column is some sort of horrible grind is also worth noting. The deletion of Cheese’s twitter remains unexplained, save for vague-to-the-point-of-meaninglessness “it was starting to interfere with real life”, as if Cheese does much besides be a douche on the internet. At this point, it’s clear something is going on with Cheese, and it’s probably not good. Even so, I suspect he will “recover” from whatever it is, and use it to rehash the same masturbatory self-mythologizing on which he has based his entire “comedy” career.

Still Betting on Dumb

Twitter was a massive time consumer and it was starting to interfere with real life things so he decided to delete his.

— SnuggleNom (@Nomtastic) August 14, 2014

So it looks like Cheese’s wife explains his disappearance in the most mundane terms imaginable. It’s possible, but it’s hard for me to believe. He’s a self-styled “internet celebrity”, and clearly relishes people riding his nuts.

That, plus no column today, to me indicates he’s going to milk his disappearance to “pull traffic” some time soon.

Don’t get me wrong, the internet is a better place without Cheese’s self-satisfied blathering, but I find it hard to believe he’d go that easily. One can hope, though. 


Cheese deleted his twitter account.

I can’t wait for the overdramatization that will surely follow. My bet is he will claim that the overwhelming stupidity of Twitter caused him to quit. Probably because people posted their beliefs on some social issue, and those beliefs are not up to Cheese’s standards

But, we’ll see. Rest assured, whatever the reason, it will be dumb.

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